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Get Your Business Records Tax Return Ready

Organising your business records now will mean you can complete your tax return earlier and access any refunds due or start planning for tax payments. Getting your business records up to date and accurate will allow us to work with you proactively to plan for the coming year, which will continue to be unusual (and […]

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Tax Tips for 2022: Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

Having a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) gives you control and flexibility over how you make investments and prepare for retirement. It’s important to get your deductions and record keeping correct for the SMSF audit process and the tax return, as strict laws govern SMSFs. An SMSF must be set up as a trust and have […]

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Tax Tips for 2022: Property Investors

For property investors who have income from investment properties, now is the time to gather your records and review your expenses for the 2022 financial year. Income to Declare All income earned from each property must be declared. If you have multiple properties, keep the records for each property separate to make the tax return […]

Monthly Journal – June 2022

Copy of DJ Grigg Monthly Journal – June 2022 by DJ Grigg Financial

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Tax Tips for 2022: Individuals

Although your tax return is not due just yet, the end of the financial year is nearing…have you captured all your work-related deductible expenses to make the most of your 2022 individual tax return? Income The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) automatically receives information from your employers about your salary and wages for the financial year. […]

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Tax Tips for 2022: Small Businesses

Common Tax Deductions for Small Businesses Are you claiming all the business tax deductions to which you are entitled? There are many expenses common to most small businesses. Other expenses are specific to the nature of the goods or services that your business provides. Operating expenses include; accounting, administration, advertising and marketing, office premises, office […]

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Business Tips: Make Good Business Decisions

Making good business decisions is easier to do when you have excellent information at your fingertips. That’s the value of having excellent reporting at the heart of your startup. Any cloud accounting software worth its salt will offer you straightforward ways to run your financial reports and track your important metrics. That’s standard in the […]

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How to accept payments online – and why it’s smart

One of the best things about online shopping is instant, hassle-free payments. Enter your details, click, and you’re done. If your customers can make an instant online payment, they’re likely to pay you more quickly – and they’ll appreciate the simplicity. The Details Online payment methods include credit and debit cards, ACH (Automated Clearing House) […]

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Business Tips: Get in Control of Your Spending

Keeping the business in a positive cash flow position is vital. But you can only do this if your cash inflows; (sales revenues and other income), outweigh your cash outflows; (overheads, supplier costs, and other liabilities like tax costs or loan repayments). One way to re-balance the cash flow scales is to control your spending […]

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Cash vs Accrual Accounting

The difference between cash basis and accrual basis accounting comes down to timing. When do you record revenue or expenses? If you do it when you pay or receive money, it’s cash basis accounting. If you do it when you get a bill or raise an invoice, it’s accrual basis accounting. What is cash basis […]