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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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The ATO’s service commitment for processing returns is usually up to 14 business days. If the ATO’s information differs from the tax return information, any refund will likely take longer to receive.

Each year, the ATO will randomly select a sample of returns to perform manual calculations and ensure their systems pick up all the correct information. This is not an audit. In these instances, it can take up to 30 calendar days. If your return is randomly selected, we will notify you that your refund will be delayed.

We cannot take any follow-up action until the 30 calendar days have passed. Once the 30-day timeline has passed, we can call to chase up the status of your return. If we receive the notification that your return has been completed prior to the 30 days, we will follow our usual process to get your refund to you as soon as it is transferred to us.

What you need to bring to your appointment with your tax agent depends on your circumstances. Do you have a straightforward return, or do you own property and investments? Do you run a business?

Please click on the link for a comprehensive list of items your agent may require to complete your tax return: Preparing for Your Tax Return Appointment – DJ Grigg Financial

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