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Navigating Investment Loans: A Crucial Warning for Savvy Investors

We want to shed light on a matter of great importance: the potential pitfalls associated with redrawing investment loans. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been intensifying its scrutiny on this front, and we’re here to guide you through the nuances to ensure your financial affairs stay on the right track.

The ATO’s Red Flag

 Did you know that the ATO estimates an annual loss of approximately $1 billion in tax revenue due to misreported rental property income and expenses? A significant contributor to this issue is the way taxpayers are handling interest claims on their investment property loans. The ATO has recently ramped up its efforts, especially focusing on refinanced or redrawn loans, thanks to a comprehensive data matching program spanning from 2021 to 2025.

Mixed Purpose Accounts

If you’ve ever redrawn on your investment property loan for a purpose other than its original intention, be aware that the loan account becomes a “mixed purpose account.” This entails a need to apportion interest between the different uses of the funds. If funds are redeployed for generating investment income, the interest on that portion of the loan is typically deductible.

Example Scenarios: Let’s break it down further. If you’ve redrawn funds to fund a personal holiday or pay off personal debt, the interest related to that portion of the loan isn’t deductible. Not only does this require a careful apportionment of interest expenses, but repayments may also need similar treatment.

Offset Account Withdrawals

Withdrawals from an offset account are viewed as savings rather than new borrowings. If your loan account is linked to an interest offset account, withdrawing funds may increase the interest on the loan but won’t impact the deductible percentage of the interest expenses. It’s essentially a withdrawal of savings without affecting the deductible aspect of the loan’s interest.

Home Loans and Offset Accounts

For those with a home loan used to acquire a private residence and funds sitting in an offset account, withdrawing those funds for a rental property deposit won’t allow you to claim any interest on the home loan. However, redrawing funds from the home loan to acquire a rental property may make the interest on that portion deductible. The key lies in how the financial arrangement is structured.

How Can We Help?

Concerned that your investment loan may be subject to ATO scrutiny? Don’t fret. Contact us, and we’ll investigate the issue before the ATO reaches out to you. Our goal is to keep your financial affairs in order and help you navigate the complex world of investment loans seamlessly.

In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of redrawn investment loans is crucial for maintaining financial health. Stay informed, stay ahead, and let us be your guide in this ever-evolving financial landscape.